Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs

Sprinkler Systems

A malfunctioning irrigation system can be truly frustrating. That's why our expertise in irrigation maintenance & repair can help to create a properly operating system that supplies water uniformly over your entire lawn & garden with minimal runoff.

Our Spring Start-up service inspects for all the issues winter leaves behind including controller setup, checking for & repairing system leaks, inspect & adjust for proper coverage & check function of all heads and nozzles.

To keep your system running efficiently throughout the watering season, our technicians will periodically monitor it, making adjustments to timers based on weather conditions as well as perform valve, line and head/nozzle repairs where required.

Winterization Service

Winter can take a heavy toll on your sprinkler system. Not properly closing your system can cause major problems in the spring. At TCG National Inc. we offer a winterization service which will safeguard it against winter freeze damage.